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Dear Head Teachers, Mums, Dads & Students


As an experienced teacher with a background in Science and IT education and having worked in both the UK and Europe, I understand how important STEM education is. Those key skills of collaboration, cooperation, creativity, problem solving, analytical thinking and perseverance are vital to the future success of our children. With a cramped curriculum, limited resources & a lack of expertise, UK Primary schools can find it hard to provide high quality, engaging STEM activities. This is where The STEM factory can help. We aim to deliver outstanding STEM activities & clubs to inspire and ignite the STEM spark in students. Beginning the journey of equipping them with the skills they will need for the future.


If you have any questions or would like one of our brochures please don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to working with you.


Yours Sincerely

Richard Scaiff BSc (hons) PGCE QTS

Director of TheSTEMfactory

Our Staff

Everyone can remember a teacher from their childhood.  We know how important teachers can be and the impact they can have on an individuals future. Our team of educators are hand-picked to inspire our students at the beginning of their journey into the STEM world.  They are professional teachers, graduates with STEM backgrounds, indie robotics engineers and Electronics experts. What binds us all is our love of STEM and the passion to educate future generations. 

Our aim is to ignite that STEM spark as early as possible.

Our core values

Provide incredibly good, inspiring STEM activities

 We reinvent education by providing a cutting-edge curriculum which is focused on delivering engaging, hands-on activities. We all know just how incredibly creative our children can be. Our educators will provide an environment where this creativity can be unleashed through exciting, inspiring activities, focusing on every child's individual talents .


Outstanding service

We are only as good as the service we provide. We go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver one which we can be justly proud of. Our aim is to wow our clients.


Ensure the safety of every student

 The safety of our students is paramount. All our staff who work with students are DBS checked and we take great care to make sure we follow all necessary Health & Safety legislation at all times.


Keep our standards high

 The pace of change in technology is breath-taking. When it comes to STEM education we aim to always be the innovators, taking risks that others think may not be possible. We will always be one-step ahead.


Have you got a passion for STEM? Can you inspire the next generation of STEM engineers? Do you fancy working with different people everyday, unleashing theirs and your creativity. No day is the same and everybody is unique. 

If you think you can, we'd love to hear from you. We can offer you a friendly, inspiring, work environment where you will have, what we think, is one of the best jobs in the world; educating the next generation. Get in touch for further information or to enquire about vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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