Covid 19 Security

The STEM factory are implementing the following Covid 19 prevention measures

for our staff and the children who attend our courses.

Precuations we are taking


Group sizes wil be limited to 10 pupils to maintain social distancing.

All equipment will be disinfected prior to entering the school premises.


Our staff will:


1. Have to have had at least one covid jab 4 weeks prior to commencing working for us.


2. Self-test using Lateral Flow Tests twice a week.


3. Wear surgical masks at all times whilst on school premises.


4. Regularly disinfect their hands using 70% alcohol sanitizer

during the sessions.


5. Maintain the social distancing of both themselves

and the class bubbles throughout the session.


6. Ensure adequate ventilation at all times.



Precuations we ask pupils to take


Pupils will:


1. Be allowed to wear masks during the sessions if they so wish.


2. Be expected to wash their hands at the start and end of each session using either soap

and water or hand sanitizer depending on the schools policy. 


3. Be expected to keep to their class/year group bubbles at all times.