I just wanted to say that my son had a fantastic time on your Robotics course. He came out so excited each week and couldn’t wait for Thursday to come around each week. Thank you for providing such a positive experience for him.

I’m hoping you will be running the course again from September.

Parent of a KS2 pupil

My daughter will probably ask you about this today because she's been so excited about me receiving it.

She is really enjoying the club.

A parent of one of the KS2 pupils attending our App making course after we sent her completed App.

I wanted to thank you for your after school clubs. My son attended your clubs and they were, in his words,
the best club he had done in the 7 years.  They really got his interest and were very current for the IT world we live in now.
Parent of KS2 pupil

"I can use the vocabulary I've learnt in my Numeracy lessons."

Year 6 Pupil

"This club has been excellent for filling the gap for children who enjoy and excel at Design, Science and Technology. The structure is well run and engaged all of the children involved. The STEM factory have been skilled in encouraging participation of the children in a supportive and productive way, helping the children to meet the challenges set. The supply of resources and equipment has also ensured a high quality of learning and participation whilst taking the burden of resourcing away from the school."

 Mr A Vye, Headteacher

"I want to go to robot school."

Sophia aged 9 (A fantastic robot creator)

"I would definitely like to sign them up for any future courses that you run. Even though, at 11 and 7, there is a wide age difference between them both my children have loved the STEM Robotics course. They come home each week full of excitement and tales of what they have built and achieved. The projects sound like a lot of fun and I like that they are encouraged to come with and execute their own ideas. Please put us down for the next course".

 Laura Chapman (Mum of two of our amazing attenders)

"This is the best course ever because you get to build what you want and be really creative"

Ned aged 10 (A pupil on one of our courses and a genius robotic movement thinker)

"I am very pleased with the robotics programme that has taken place.

Both KS1 and KS2 classes have been engaged and interested and there have been very clear benefits in terms of language development, social skills and problem solving. Not only this, it has also been great fun for the children!"

Mr Jim Mepham, Head teacher

"Instead of just going on and on, he lets us experiment and copy him. then go off and swap parts so I really enjoy it and learn a lot more by trying things out."

Josie Yr6 (We think Josie's going to be a brilliant robot builder)