After-School sessions

With a wide range of activities, in our after-school clubs. Your child can explore the different subject areas and begin to develop and hone their STEM skills. Our sessions have gone down a storm with all the children, parents & schools we've worked with.

Why parents love our After-School sessions.

We create a learning environment that's really creative and enjoyable.

We offer something different from the normal run-of-the-mill after-school activities.

Our teachers are just that, real teachers with all the educational skills and classroom experience necessary to deliver outstanding activities.

We offer a wide-range of activities throughout the year to accommodate any schedule.

Why teachers see the benefit of what we offer

We do all the work for you. We take care of marketing, administration, payment processing and registration.

Students can apply what they have learnt in lessons on our courses. Reinforcing their learning.

Teachers can see the benefits by the buzz created around the school through their pupils enjoyment of our age-appropriate sessions.

Schools can pick and choose which sessions they want their pupils to take part in, be that a single course or multiple ones running throughout the year.


KS1 Intro to Robotics

This course is the perfect introduction to the world of robotics, a great mix of fun and learning using modular robotics. Children will learn how robots think, what the different sensors can do and how, by working together, they can build their own robot.

KS2 Robot Engineering

During our robot construction course, students will develop their understanding of the design process along with their collaboration and communication skills by working in small teams to learn how to build modular robots. Students build a range of robots which react to the environment around them, use their creativity to modify them and build prototypes to complete challenges.

KS2 Robot Systems

Develop a deeper understanding of the sensors that can be used in robots. Build robots to test out their capabilities and learn how the interaction between sensors can lead to creating autonomous robots.

KS2 Video Game Design

Learn how to build video games by using you own stories and ideas to create characters, enemies, backgrounds, and obstacles. Develop your understanding of the different possible story pathways. 

KS2 Coding with Drones

Apply those coding skills to piloting drones. Take part in challenges and assault courses designed to put your coding and flight skills to the test. Shoot targets, pick up items and fly FPV.

KS2 Electronic Invention

Learn about electricity and circuit by designing and build a wide range of machines and then use your creativity to design and build your own. If you can think of it and design the circuit, you can build it.

KS2 Coding with Robots

Get and introduction to the world of Arduino. Learn how to program your robot to dance and give it a personality. 

KS2 Mobile App Building

Learn how to build an app for an Android device. Once mastered, you can upload your app to your phone or tablet and even share it with friends and family.